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Different Dictionary type are available online nowadays, and most often a lot of these online dictionaries are free of charge, which adds them even more advantages to the advantages they already have compared to old offline dictionaries like the big old oxford dictionaries and other dictionaries like it. As a matter of fact, today, thanks to the wide spread of the internet, and the ever growing need for high quality translation from foreign languages, you can find many different types of dictionaries that allow you to use their translation services free of charge.

Part of the growing interest in foreign cultures and their native langague is a direct result of the globalization process the world was subjected to these past few years, which was growing even fast and stronger since the birth of the internet. As a result of this, many people were exposed to foreign cultures in many shapes and forms, such as art, music, poetry, academic literature, prose, comics and many other things.

the best dictionaries online

theres alot of dicitionaries and some of theme like terjemahanindonesia, babylon dictionary and google translate that consider as the best dictionaries.

Thanks to the availability of many free dictionaries online, it is now more easy to get to know other cultures and their native language.

Babylon dictionary

Babylon dictionary offers users its free translation services in many different sites around the web. We must add that even though the translation service is given free of charge – using the software itself requires registration and it costs money.

With Babylon dictionary you can translate word, translate phrases and you can even use Babylon dictionary for a complete webpage translation. And if that is not enough for you, you can even use the software also to translate complete documents.

Google translate dictionary

Google translate dictionary allows you to use all of its options, including translation of multiple languages, reverse translation and more – and it is free of charge. As part of ever growing enterprise to gain more control over more and more aspects of virtual life, the staff members at Google have decided to let people use their online translation service for free, because that way they get more users and even money, thanks to their Google ads that are shown alongside the translated text.

How does online translation work?

Among these two dictionaries I have mentioned, there are many more online dictionaries that offer online translation services like Babelfish, Nice Translator and others. These free translation services are based on a system of money per clicks.

This system is very efficient, since alongside all the translated words appear advertisements, which can often make people click them even without their conscious attention to it.
If before just the mere thought of translation would make every average student shiver with fear, today the task of translation is comfortable, quick and most important of all – does not cost any money.

By using some of the dictionaries I have mentioned before, you can translate complete documents, have an online conference with a foreign client or send translated emails to your friends around the world. 

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